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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2008 BET Awards - thumbs up!!!

Everybody knows that I'm the Awards Show nut, and the BET Awards are always my top pick to watch.

The 2008 BET Awards got started with a sexy performance from Usher doing his hit "Love in the club", I enjoyed all that grinding going on up

DL Hughley was funny and he wasn't holding back any punches either, but that's what the host is supposed to do. I thought his R Kelly joke was kinda funny, but the audience seemed to be afraid to laugh. He called Marvin Sapp..warren Sapp and didn't even know it was Ciara with chris Brown. Too funny.

"I Put On" was performed by Young Jeezy, but Kanye West took over the set when he took the mic. "I lost the only girl in the world who knew me best......" I was hyped right along with the crowd.

Keyshia Cole rocked some bad boots as she performed Sent from Heaven. It was good to see Lil' Kim come looking straight. Nefee and momma Cole showed up too.

I was saddened that so many of the winners were not there to accept their awards. I hope that this show becomes the precedent for Black entertainers and make it a point to attend.

Cuba Gooding Jr. knows he felt out of place, but Morris Chestnut and Nia Long looked really good.

I blinked and I thought Michael Jackson had taken the stage to do "Smooth Criminal"...but no, it was Ne-Yo doing his thang.
Not to get off track, but this morning I heard the diss track from Ne-Yo back at Chris Brown and let's just say the young boy CB needs to do his research before puttin' out a diss song. I actually like the song too. Alright Ne-Yo.

LL Cool J still makes me quiver whenever I see him. His arms and chest kept drawing my attention away from the show. Ashanti okay...........
Jennifer Hudson looked good, finally her stylist got it right. Jeez, and he wants to dress Michelle Obama? Right.

Toccarra, Lauren London and Jordan Sparks looked really nice too. But, Lil' And what happened to the body that Gabrielle Union used to have? Ugly Betty is over, get back to eating.

I was happy that Estelle and Chrisette M were nominated, but The Dream cd is off the chain. Don't sleep on this one.

One of my top performances of the night was Alicia Keys. She stole the show alone with her performance of “Teenage Love Affair” and her outfit OMG. Then she showed how much of a woman she was and shared the stage with not one, but three of the best female groups to date.

Let me give you a breakdown:
Alicia served as the extra member of SWV singing “I Get So Weak in the Knees.”
Then out comes En Vogue performing “Don’t Let Go…” Man, it was so good to see all of the girls together and they all looked beautiful. But, just when you thought she was done, Alicia joined T Boz & Chili and performed “Waterfalls.” Loved it!!!

The UniverSoul circus ringleader came out next, oops I mean, T-Pain. I had to get that joke out, but I love T-pain and all his many hooks. His performance was filled with most of his famous hooks and the artists who took them home. And I'm always glad to see Big Boi aka Daddy Phat Sacks. Now all I need is some Andre 3000.

Neicy Nash know she ought to be ashamed of herself for bringing those white kids on stage, but it was too funny.

I'm a huge UGK fan and I was almost brought to tears when Bun B hit the stage to accept the award for Video of the Year. I wanted Brian Barber to let him speak more, but it was the Video award I guess.
(R.I.P. Pimp C)

I've been hipped to Marvin Sapp for awhile now and I have my daughters' dance teacher to thank for that. When I tell you he was reaching out to the crowd with every word, you could see that most were really feeling the song. “Never Would Have Made It.” He also won the Best Gospel Artist Award.

Chris Brown put on a good performance, I like him a little more since he's growing up now. You know, it's alright now. He and Ciara, who I must say looked fabulous. Next time I'm working out, I'll picture her body to strive for. Their dance performance was top-notch and quite risqué. Chris' woman Rihanna clapped as she watched. I just loved how BET panned the camera to her for a reaction. Helps out the gossip sites. my opinion, hands down the Al Green tribute set was the best of the night. First, my girl Jill Scott can blow anything. I hope I can find her version on the web. Anthony Hamilton was great, but when I finally realized that Maxwell had come out of hiding. I almost fell over.

Next to top that, Al Green to the stage and turned the show out. My phone was ringing off the hook and I knew it was my mom. Not only did he receive the BET Lifetime Achievement Award, he sang two of his hits “Let’s Stay Together” & “Love and Happiness.” He had the young and the old singing right along with him.

I love Rihanna and that Prince cut really does it for her. She looked and sounded good. Now that I think about it, with her dress and Chris Brown's Mohawk, they seem to meld.

Queen Latifah looked nice as she presented Quincy Jones with the Humanitarian Award.
I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but it may just be that I’m getting old too.

Ashanti got all giddy as she introduced her man, Mr. Nelly. Way to be cross-over once again and add Fergie. It was aiight.

I loved all the Barack Obama hype and I was shocked but pleased to hear the other artists acknowledge Lil’ Wayne's album sells. You don't have to like him, but obviously lots do. 1 Million sold….dang.

Sean “Diddy” Combs seems like he's working toward becoming the Sammie Davis, Rat Pack Member of our time. He cracks me up, but you gotta love him. He was a trip on the after party show too.

Lil’ Wayne closed the show out and it was quite a performance. I wasn't trying to be down with him or his daddy, but his new cd, The Carter III has some real nice cuts on it. My fav is Dr. clever?

Great show. I'm still holding tight to the dream of actually being on the show and enjoying it someday in person. Hey, it's on my vision board, isn't that what Oprah told us to do.

I'm kidding.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Since February

Readers and friends,

Hey, it's great to find you here. So many things have gone on since my last post, which was some time ago during Oscar season. Oh well, I've been busy just know that.

Since February, I've obtained a literary agent and within two months of having her she decides to get out of the business. So, I've told myself maybe that union just wasn't meant to be.

Candy for My Soul, has been selling steadily on and even picked up momentum on of all places. They must have found out how much money I actually spend in Tar-get'.
I've been busy with my girls, but I've managed to squeeze in sometime to write. First, for all of you who are wondering...I have not completed the sequel to She'll Learn. For some reason the beginning just doesn't feel right to me and I've put it aside until I get it flowing.

I've been working on "Inner Bitter" is about 43-year old Fatima who's never been married and has two kids. She has let her life be consumed by raising her children, then when its time to let them go away to school, she realizes how lonely and bitter she has become. Fatima goes through a lot of soul searching to figure out why she's alone and then she meets a special man who tries to break down the barrier she's built around herself. Bitterness and loneliness have become apart of her, but will love be able to break through?

And, "Letter to the church" is about a small town and one of the town's largest churches. The small town has been turned upside down by the delivery of a letter to the Pastor of the church dishing dirt on the entire town. In my story I take the drama up a notch, this story I think will be the one to put me on the map so stay tuned.

I'd love to hear from you, so hit me up at