Author Sybil Barkley-Staples

Sybil Barkley-Staples is the author of two fiction novels. She'll Learn was published in November 2004 by Writers & Poets. Candy for My Soul published by JumpSis Press LLC.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

New York, New York

"Hell No!" - Miss Sophia

That's right everybody, I took a trip to the NY and saw The Color Purple on Broadway. New York was great and then some. I arrived friday evening with a friend to a rainy sky and dreary looks on the faces of people rushing through Manhattan. Our hotel was smack in the middle of Times Square giving us a fly view of all the huge ads and play marquees crowding the downtown view. I got the chance to hang out at the 40/40 Club ( and was given a full tour by a waitress...she was great by the way. We felt like VIPs as we entered each of the private rooms upstairs away from the regular crowd. The Cognac and Cigar room was sweet as was the Sports room which is Jay's favorite and I could see why with all the valuable sports paraphenalia he's acquired to adorn the walls. I was in total awe of Michael Jordans signed jersey. I got a real kick during our tour when our hostess pointed to the pool table in the center of the sports room letting us know that this was the very spot that Beyonce cut her birthday cake. I almost cracked up from the seriousness. The spot was all that, but it wasn't the type of place we were looking for. We found it just around the corner from our hotel at Jade's Terrace. It was the place to be on a friday night, so happened to be one of the Rough Ryders b-day and the place was packed. It felt good to be "chosen" to enter the club after being drenched in the pouring rain just outside. But, this was New York and it was well worth it. I found a new fav song in the club......"Ballin'" LOL I just love when the entire club stops to take an imaginary shot. Ballin'....swish.
On saturday, we caught the subway and shopped til we dropped in ChinaTown aka Bootleg Nation. I felt like a spy in another country as we were whisked through the backs of buildings and inside dark stairwells all for the sake of purchasing a knock-off Gucci or Coach bag. It was like bargaining with a car salesman over and over again all day. I only wished I had more time to shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Color Purple was even more than I could have imagined. Alice Walker must have been given carte blanche while writing the play, she wrapped up every little detail left undone by the book or the movie. I won't give the play away, but I will say that I truly enjoyed the play and the cast was awesome.

After the play, I went back to the hotel change out of the boots that were so tight that they were making my teeth start to hurt. They were sharp as hell though...LOL
The BB King Restaurant and Lounge is where we ended up and it was alright, at least the food was good. I was saddened to hear that BB King doesn't even own the club, a group of Jewish businessman own and run the club as they please.

I had a wonderful time in the NY and I cant wait to go back someday.