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Sybil Barkley-Staples is the author of two fiction novels. She'll Learn was published in November 2004 by Writers & Poets. Candy for My Soul published by JumpSis Press LLC.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do you remember the tv show "The Scene" ?

If you remember "The Scene" then you must be from Detroit. "The Scene" was the premiere show to watch growing up in Motown. When I saw the group on facebook, it brought back so many great memories of growing up on Dexter in Detroit. I had to google the show and low and behold there's a "The Scene" website.

Everyday at six o'clock, I was in front of the television waiting for Nat Morris to turn Motown into Geektown and watch the party begin. My entire family loved to watch the show and it was where we all got our dances from..the jit, the smurf, the whop and of course the perculator. We all had our favorite dancers, mine were Cheryl Peoples and Fast Freddy. We even knew all of the commercials, my favorite went like this:

"Girl, I went over to yo' house and them roaches was everywhere."

I can't remember the company now, but that used to crack me up each and every time it aired. I used to dream of dancing on "The Scene", but I was too young and of course granny would have never allowed that. If the words and the video below move you, then you are true Detroiter.

"Sugar is sugar and salt is salt, if you didn't get off today....It's not our Fault!!!"

Here's a toast to great memories.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Atlanta Unemployment Examiner: Staycation, a great idea for the family

Atlanta Unemployment Examiner: Staycation, a great idea for the family

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