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Sybil Barkley-Staples is the author of two fiction novels. She'll Learn was published in November 2004 by Writers & Poets. Candy for My Soul published by JumpSis Press LLC.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The speech

I felt so good when I awoke this morning after hearing such a wonderful speech last night by Barack Obama. I never really post or even talk about politics, but I never thought I'd see a black man set to become the President of the United States and reside in the White House either. All I can say is "wow".

Now it's time to get down to business, we finally know who all of the players are: Obama-Biden, McCain-Palin. So get ready for 60 plus days, full speed ahead of mean ads, unfeeling media torture, and of course harsh comments about each other and their plan.

"Let's get ready to rumble!" should be the new campaign theme song for Obama.

McCain pulled a rabbit out the hat when he added Gov Palin to the ticket. I'm not sure if this will steal the Hillary supporter votes from Barack, but it was a slick move on McCain's part. He isn't giving her supporters much credit in my opinion.

My vote is with Obama, not because he's a black man, but for the fact that I believe in him and this team. The sad part is that when he wins this historical race, his prize will be the toughest job in the world with the most difficult agenda that we as a nation have faced in decades. But, you gotta have faith!

Just my thoughts.........


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